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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Drink specials all day! 

$1000 cash prize for first place winner 

$250 cash prize for the winner of home run derby!


Each team shall consist of 4 players.  

Teams will take turns batting and taking the field.  

Equipment will be provided for the event.  


There will be 5 innings or 25 minutes. 

Whichever comes first will be the end of the game.

No extra inning no extra time

This tournament is self pitch with one pitch per.

Foul balls are an out.

There are three outs in an inning.

An out is achieved when either a player strikes out or a hit ball is caught by opposing team before it makes contact with the ground. 

The field will be divided as shown where a hit ball must make contact in that zone or clear the home run fence in fair play.

A ball hit into the single zone earns the batter 1 base. Into the double zone earns the batter two bases.

Once a player crosses home it is scored as a run. 

A ball hit over the fence is a home run and clears the bases with all players on base counting as a run.  

Teams with the most runs at the end of 5 innings or after twenty-five minutes is declared the winner.  

This is a double-elimination tournament.  There will be a max of 32 teams.  

No foul language or disrespect to the Umpires, staff members or other teams will be tolerated.  This is for fun and charity. Don’t be that guy/girl. Failure to comply will result in your immediate removal and forfeiture of your team thru the tournament without a refund.

No fighting.  We ask that you act accordingly.  


double elimination

Play Wiffle ball with us!


Team Registration is $80, 4 person teams. 

  • Entry will be for teams of 4. Includes one free drink ticket to one Bon & Viv for each player, and a shirt for each player

  • DJ and raffles all day long