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© 2011-2017 by Born and Raised® Las Vegas, Henderson

 & Craft Pub Proudly created by CrowdSiren.com

Registration begins at 9 am and first game will start at 10.

January 25, 2020

$1000 first-place prize.

  • 21 and over only


    Sticks and balls will be provided

  • Double elimination


    Teams of 4 and can have 1 alternate 

  • All donations will go to support Adams Place 

  • make registration $80 

  • All team members will receive a Slappy Gilmore t-shirt and 1 free Stoli cocktail with registration 

  • Raffles all day long 

  • Slap Shot skill contest with a chance to win Golden Knights tickets 

Sponsored by:
A portion of proceeds will be going to support Adam's place
Slappy Gilmore Street Hockey Tournament Rules and Regulations 


  • Three 3 minute periods with a 30-second break in between each period

  • Double Elimination

  • Team goalie must bring their own goalie mask and blocker

  • 4 players per team – optional 1 sub

  • No skates

  • 2 fields; 45 W 60 L 

  • Sticks and Goalie padding will be provided 

  • Helmets are optional and will not be provided 

  • Each team is allowed one time out per game

  • Games and periods will begin with a face-off 

  • The ball will change possession after each goal is scored 

  • During play, subs can go in at any time, no stop of play. Be careful to not have too many players on the field at one time. 

  • Goalie change can be made during breaks

-       After a goal is scored: There is no face-off. The team that was scored on gets possession and may execute play immediately. They also must execute play (i.e. cross the centerline) within 10 seconds 




1. There shall be no throwing sticks, slashing, hooking, tripping, crosschecking, high sticking, or inappropriate stick work of any kind. These infractions shall result in a penalty shot for the other team. More serious offenses, including, but not limited to, spearing and/or butt-ending, shall result in an individual being immediately removed from the tournament 

2. Fighting is unacceptable and will always result in the individual(s) ejection from the tournament. The Referee’s decision is FINAL. There should be no arguing of calls by participants or spectators. Arguing calls by either of these parties will result in a penalty shot being awarded to the other team on the first offense, and a team being disqualified from a game as a result of the second offense. Calls may be questioned, but only by a team captain, who is the sole representative of the team. These policies shall be strictly enforced with a zero-tolerance approach. Penalties awarded as a result of excessive arguing are made at the sole discretion of the Referee. 


3. There shall be no pushing, shoving, checking, or roughing of any kind. These infractions shall result in at least a penalty shot for the other team but may be punished more severely according to the discretion of the referee and/or tournament supervisor. 


4. There shall be no stalling/time-wasting. Stalling is called at the discretion of the official. Doing so shall result in a penalty shot for the other team. 



5. Any player that is penalized two times during one game for any of the incidents mentioned above will be disqualified